Telecom Field Engineer

Plan of action for telecom field engineers.

A general definition that allows approaching the profile of an engineer conceives the same as the professional who, with a solid base in basic sciences, can integrate and project the principles of engineering to propose solutions to problems of the technological field using as tools the formulation of mathematical models, design and calculation.

In particular, the Telecom Field Engineer can be defined as a professional whose training empowers him to plan, design, design and calculate systems, networks and services for generation, transmission, detection, management and management of teleinformation. It also includes solid training in the areas of administration and economics that enable it to direct, organize and operate telecommunications services and to execute, supervise and evaluate projects related to the area.

There is a Telecom Freelance Marketplace called Field Engineer, which is a global, On-demand pool of talented Field Engineers, standing by to successfully complete your project. This is a platform specifically designed to help Field Engineers find work and get paid quickly.

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