Dark Fiber

The Importance of Dark Fiber.

The process of assigning part of the telecommunications infrastructure with the use of dark fiber belonging to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has taken on an unusual tone in recent days. According to recent events, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) has decided to disqualify the participation of the company Iusatelwithin the tender that will culminate with the allocation of rights for the exploitation of this infrastructure. The discussion on the merits of this disqualification has been developed in two aspects.

In the first place, the solidity of the legal arguments that the SCT has used to support its decision is discussed. In its second aspect, the discussion has focused on the evaluation of the economic impacts that derive from this decision of the authority.

Then I focus exclusively on this second area of discussion. The main problem that seems to be identified as a result of disqualification refers to the amount of final compensation that the public treasury could receive as a result of a reduction (of two to one) in the number of bidders. At present, everything seems to indicate that the interest group comprising Telecom would remain the sole bidder. 

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